Farrel Mahaztra

I'm currently a computer science undergraduate and working remotely as a software engineer. 👋

I'm interested in and believe in the values behind free and open source software (FOSS), decentralization, privacy, and remote work/education, and I'm gradually aligning my habits, lifestyle, and work focus towards these areas.

During my spare time, I like reading/watching/thinking about sci-fi, learning new languages (both human and computer), writing for my blog, helping out people interested in starting a career in tech, and making myself a better person in whatever way possible.

I'd like to build things that make the Internet (and the world as a whole) a better place to be in - less hostile, less invasive, more creative, more thoughtful, and overall more free.

I'm currently not available for consulting. However, if you'd like to have a chat about tech/products/sci-fi/anything at all, email me at hello [at] [thisdomain].